2 In Custody After 17 Years Old Shot Near Maspeth High School, Video CCTV Footage!


According to recent reports, a gunshot incident occurred near a high school in Queens on Wednesday afternoon. The incident was captured on 74th Street and Grand Avenue in Maspeth. After the event, investigators are trying to piece together the evidence after a 17-year-old student was shot in the arm. The man was seriously hurt and was transported to the hospital right afterwards. Keep an eye on this space for further information on this occurrence, as well as updates.

Maspeth High School Shooting

Maspeth High School Shooting

Shooting at Maspeth High School

The sufferer is hopefully no longer in danger, but he has suffered terrible injuries. According to the police, the victim was involved in a brief fight with two other persons when this mishap occurred and he was shot multiple times. Police attempted to apprehend the suspects, but they escaped on a scooter. The police are attempting to learn more about these two individuals. Many parents were concerned when police moved out and ran following the two suspects after the altercation near the school.

Maspeth High School Video Surveillance

This was a terrifying situation, and all parents are now worried for their children and helpless. This is a major issue since youngsters of this age are fighting and a catastrophic accident is occurring in front of the public. The police quickly announced that the school would be locked for an hour while they investigated. This decision meant that the police would ensure that the victims and their parents were safe and secure in their homes. However, the victim was not in danger and was the son of an NYPD officer. Everyone was hoping for his quick recovery and for him to return home.

Meanwhile, everyone claims that gun violence is on the rise and that immediate action is required. Gun violence and gun shootings are on the rise, and as a result, the fatality rate is rising as well. However, there are many more countries where violence is on the rise, resulting in political turmoil as well as economic collapse. There will be no developed country with a higher prevalence of gun violence. There is a procedure where patients are told that they are more likely to die from gun homicide and that weapons will not go away.