Couples Video Got Viral On Social Media


Chienna Filomeno is a Filipino actress who is causing controversy online. Aside from performing, the actress is also a model and an Instagram sensation. In the Philippines, the actress works for the Kapamilya channel. Some netizens recently threatened her and demanded that she disclose a problematic video of herself. A lgbtquu threatened the actress and demanded that she provide a video of herself with hashtag member Zeus. Zeus is a member of the hashtag, an all-male dancing group. A crazy charge was made against the actress, with the threater claiming that they witnessed the incident in the ABS-CBN parking lot.

ZEUS SCANDAL VIDEO WITH CHIENNA FILOMENO Leaked & Viral On Social Media, Twitter & Reddit

Threateners revealed and intimidated the actress, claiming that they knew what happened in the ABS-CBN parking lot with her and Zeus. Chienna was also kept out of the crisis by her supporters, as every celebrity has fans who, if they support them, don’t have to worry about anything. Her supporters stepped forward and took control of the situation. Her supporters taunted the threater, telling her to show her face if she had the courage to speak up. On Instagram, the actress has a large following of over 2 million people. She is also a cosplayer. She also enjoys driving race cars.

Zeus video scandal involving Chienna Filomeno has gone viral

Despite the fact that the actress and Zeus work in related fields, they are linked through a video, albeit a leaked video. Yes, a CCTV film was released on the internet, and the video’s release sparked a rumour. The video featured only the two of them enjoying time together in a car. This video went viral on the internet and received a lot of positive feedback from both of their fans. Zeus Collins, like Chienna, is well-known for his singing and dancing abilities on television shows.

Zeus and Chienna Filomeno: Who Are They?

Many people misinterpreted the video, therefore the two were mailed. They are drawn into the fight by their celebrity, as any ordinary individual would not receive such attention. Despite the fact that she was protected this time by her followers, she may face additional threats simply for sitting in a car with Zeus. Every other celebrity is despised for being seen with other celebrities. And if their fans become enraged, someone will undoubtedly take action, as happened with Kapamilya actress Chienna.