Darts Player Ted Hankey Leaked Video Viral On Twitter & Reddit Arrested In S*xual Assault


WATCH: Darts Player Ted Hankey Arrested In Sexual Assault After Video Goes Viral On Twitter & Reddit: When you hear the news about former World Champion Ted Hankey, you will be startled. Ted Hankey, as we all know, is the World Champion and has a sizable fan base. These are the world’s decision-makers. There should be some moral obligation to fulfill, yet every bright item could not be gold, as this phrase suggested.

Ted Hankey

Ted Hankey

WATCH: Darts Player Ted Hankey Leaked Video Viral

Yes! We’re implying that Ted Hankey is a gleaming gold on the exterior but completely dark on the inside. He has a highly embarrassing activity that has gone viral on the internet right now. Police have arrested a former World Darts champion for sexually abusing a lady.

The police have arrested a former world darts champion for sexually assaulting a young woman, and his entire behavior has been recorded by a fixed camera. The cops have now taken him into custody. Hankey, who was taught to attack as a form of fun, was caught on camera in Cheshire carrying out the attack. When that young woman filed a complaint against him, he was detained almost immediately. The cops have now detained a former darts player.

Ted Hankey, a darts player, was arrested for sexual assault.

Ted Hankey is a 54-year-old man. In April, he was fined and pled guilty to sexual assault on a young woman in Warrington Magistrates Court on September 2021. Judge Steven Everett, Recorder of Chester, said Hankey, of Berry Hill, Stoke on Trent, would have denied the attack to the bitter end if it hadn’t been caught on camera.

He was sentenced to two years in prison. For the next ten years, a former darts player has been placed on the Sexual Offenders Register. His one blunder has landed him in prison for the rest of his life. Ted Hankey was a former World Darts Champion. His entire title has been squandered as a result of this incident. He is now present and will remain so for the next decade.

When this occurrence was reported in the media and became popular on social media. People ridiculed and criticized him severely. His fans humiliated him. Some of his fans were skeptical, yet the information was correct. Now that he is in prison, perhaps he will change his mind, his personality, and his actions toward the woman.