WATCH: Deborah Killed In Sokoto Video Leaked on Twitter – Sultan Of Sokoto Reacts To Killing Video Explained: This is to inform you that Nigerian Police have made an arrest in the homicide case of a Nigerian schoolgirl who posted a profane post against Prophet Muhammad. This case caused outrage among the people as the murder of a Nigerian schoolgirl promoted communal violence in the country. This news was reported a couple of days ago, but there was no prime suspect at that point in time, but we promise to give you an update on the same. Now we are here to fulfill our commitment. In this article, we have mentioned the new development made by the investigators and also written some important aspects from exclusive reports released by the police department. However, we also have written what the Sultan of Sokoto said about this incident. You should read down all the sections that are given below. Be sticky with this page and swipe down the page to fetch the details. Follow More Update On

Video Of Sokoto Student Burnt

Deborah Killed In Sokoto Video Leaked on Twitter

As we have already reported that some outraged students macabrely killed a Nigerian student for making a blasphemous post against Prophet Muhammad. This incident sparked an outraged environment in the country. Meanwhile, the Sultan of Sokoto Saad Abubakar III was very quick to respond to the matter, he condemned the attack and killing of a Nigerian student named Samuel. Kindly look at the next section to learn more about the killing of Samuel.

Sultan Of Sokoto Reacts To Killing Video Explained

The Sultan of Sokoto said, “burning and assassination of Deborah Samuel is unreasonable.” However, a statement was also released by the Sokoto Sultanate Committee, Saidou Machido, and the secretary of the committee said that the palace reported the incident at the institution of the unfortunate incidents. As we have mentioned above police have made an arrest following the macabre killing of Samuel. You should look at the next section to fetch who is the prime suspect in this case.

Nigerian Police spared no significant time to respond to the matter. The State police immediately took bare essential steps to reduce the threat of communal violence in the state. Nigeria’s top police in Sokoto carried out an intensive investigation to catch the culprits. However, Nigeria police reported that they have arrested two suspects. The suspects are accused of killing Samuel in the facility by burning her alive. Now Governor of the state has ordered a temporary closure of schools in the state due to unhealthy circumstances.