Enigma Saggy BGMI and Winios Zero BGMI Hack


BGMI pro Saggy Hacking and cheating allegations: Enigma Saggy BGMI and Winios Zero BGMI Hack: Over the past two days, the popular gaming BattleGrounds Mobile India is constantly in the talk of the gaming community. On Tuesday, Krafton takes action against over 66000 player accounts, and now and BGMI player creating headlines. As per the reports, A BGMI player called Saggy is presently covering the headlines as he was blamed hacked by influential personalities within the community. Saumraj raised this topic at the time of his stream and S8UL Sid went to prove these accusations. In a surprising revelation, Saggy has asserted that he was hacking and asked for a 2nd chance in a private text to S8UL Sid. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Saggy Hacking

Saggy Hacking

Sid has posted this message on his official Instagram story. Saggy was indicted for hacking after a clip of him using 2 BGMI games while live-streaming recently surfaced on the web. In this video clip, he was using a substitute application called Winios Zero. The application is seemingly a hacking service used to tamper with BGMI and modify it.

Saumraj talked about this video and stated that he knew about the existence of such applications that can be used on jailbreaked iOS devices. Sid from S8UL posted several stories on his Instagram account and in that, the clip of using the hack was evident. Besides the clip, it was pointed out that the name of the application matched with a hacking application.

Winios Zero BGMI Hack

S8UL Sid also posted a video on his IG account stating that he was sure that Saggy was hacking and if he was watched playing in any 3rd-party tournaments or on any organization, S8UL, and its members will not be associated with them in the future. After a series of such stories, Saggy seemingly came forward and has plead guilty. In a private message to S8UL stated, he has said the following:

Enigma Saggy BGMI

“I did The Wrong thing and I am already suffering and will suffer more. It is Me Who was greedy and has done this and select the shortcut root to success. Sorry for everything. Hope I will get a chance somehow to prove myself once more. I will leave this community for now as I do not deserve to be here…Sorry sid brother for everything I deserve this.”

He has not explicitly mentioned that he was deceptive but stated that he select a shortcut to success that was illegitimate. He has also stated that the whole roster of Enigma Gaming and its management did not know that he was using hacks in BattleGrounds Mobile India at the time of their games.