Girl Sleeping With Dog Dead Or Alive, Leaked Video Scandal Went Viral On Twitter, Reddit & Instagram!


A girl from Lagos was on trend because of the explicit and weird video she posted on the internet. Clearly, she was after raising money. Netizens, as well as youngsters these days, are risking their lives for fame and money. No one can be blamed for this, as the internet is really deep and one particular person cannot be blamed for the loss the youngsters are facing these days. One video of a girl having sex with a dog was surfacing on the internet. The girl did the disgusting thing with a dog of Logos Neighborhood of Lekki. One week later the girl fainted on the street and was hospitalized. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Girl Sleeping With Dog Dead Or Alive

Girl Sleeping With Dog Dead Or Alive

The incident occurred when one of her neighbors was passing through the street and hopefully, she was helped. But, to everyone’s shock, she was later declared dead. Yes, that’s right the girl died. The girl was identified as Mirabel, and she was from Nigeria. The girl all of a sudden and when checked by doctors he went into a coma. After a thorough test, it came out that she was having several injuries due to which she collapsed out of nowhere. When the video of the girl went viral, people rushed and asked the girl questions on the internet.

Nigerian & Lagos Girl Sleeping With Dog Video Leaked

Some even criticized her for sharing intimacy with an animal, but she didn’t mind. When asked about infections, she said that she did not have any and that she was healthy. People asked bashed her and also said her shameless but it made no impact on her. She said that she didn’t commit any crime or murder and that she was happy with having sex with a dog. She did it all just for some amount of money. She even said that she will repeat the same thing if she receives more money. When she was hospitalized,

Her reports showed that she had an infection which is caused by a bacteria called, B.Canis (BrucellaCanis). The bacteria is found in dogs and can only be found if someone had physical contact with a dig. Though any official statement from the hospital and her side is not released yet, keeping in view what she did and what the reports have to offer it can be predicted that she died due to the infection she gained by sharing intimacy with a dog. Clearly, she was running after money, which risked her life.