How Did Kevin Samuels Die? Ceck Cause of Death? & Who Is Melanie King Confirmed His Death?


Melanie King one of the famous social media personalities recently confirmed tragic news wherein he affirmed the passing of his best buddy Kevin Samuels. King took his personnel’s social media account to announce this distressing information. All the fans of the controversial YouTuber are aghast and rush the Internet and approach acquaintances of the YouTuber to gain more information on the death cause of social media personality. As of now, it came to be known that he was 56 years of his age at the time of his death. Get more information on Kevin Samuels’s death cause.

Kevin Samuels

Behalf of the reports published by some vital media organizations and news sites asserted that Kevin Samuels took his last breath on 5th May 2022. It is being said that a fatal cardiac arrest claimed the life of the famous YouTuber. He was admitted to the hospital after his household found him unresponsive and then rushed to ATL hospital where he was declared lifeless by the doctors. After the news was announced by his best friend, it took no time to went viral on Social Media and users are sending their deep condolence to the household.

Kevin Samuels Death Cuase?

If we talk about the controversial personality more, he was an Atlanta, Georgia-based American YouTuber, a self-proclaimed guru, social media influencer, life counsellor, and splendid advisor. It is being said that his parents gets divorced at the time he was a child. He then attended Millwood High School in Oklahoma to complete his higher studies. He gained his graduation degree from the University of Oklahoma. He also fetched a bachelor’s diploma in Chemical Engineering. He started gaining enormous attention after he started his YouTube channel and gradually gained hyper over the years.

Apart from his popular YouTube channel he also seized the attention of the audience by narrating his relationship theories. His YouTube channel experienced a boost in subscribers when he started airing all those concepts on his YouTube channel. If we talk about Melanie King, she seized the attention after his YouTube channel posted a ghost hunt video recorded in the UK.

She is well known for hunting ghosts along with her cast and crew equipped with some cutting-edge gadgets to hunt spirits and proof. They went to some popular haunted areas and locations and videos posted on YouTube channels. Our thoughts and prayers are with his household. May the pure soul will rest in peace.