Is Simon Diffey Dead? And What Was The Cause Of His Death?


Who is Simon Diffey? And what has happened to you?

Simon Diffie’s death has been widely reported on various news outlets. However, there is no reliable source for this spreading rumour. According to reports, he died in a fatal car accident. Mark Piper, a coworker, confirmed his death. He was indeed a Talbot-Lago T23 amateur driver.
For eight years he has been a Classic Car Member of the club who has featured in the Arundel Cup.

Simon Diffie, is a British racing driver from the United kingdom. Regrettably, an expert car racing driver was killed in a deadly collision.

How did it happen to Simon Diffie?

If we believe the rumours that are spreading like wildfire about Simon Diffie’s death. He was killed in a car accident, which seemed strange given that he was an expert car diver. His vehicle rammed with an emergency vehicle, according to witnesses.

This news is confirmed by none other than Twitter’s public relations manager James Gilbert penning down an emotional post, “Very saddened to hear of Simon Diffie’s passing. Without a doubt, one of the funniest people I’ve ever met, having a golden heart is contagious to life.”

He continued: “The world would be worse without him. I’ll raise a glass for you tonight, man. RIP is not the same.”
After his tragedy was confirmed, his social media was swamped with
condolences sent by his admirers from all over the world.

Is Simon Diffey dead

Christopher Tate tweeted: “Thanks James, kudos to Simon who is a friend and a lovely person to so many fast racers.”

Simon has competed in 22 professional races, including a seventh-place finish in the 2021 Brookland Cup.
He was a genuine man who valued his fans.
His friend sobbed as he revealed his death. He claimed Simon died in a horrifying event.

Simon Diffie died unexpectedly that did not occur on the tracks.

Netizens want to know the specifics of his death and where the accident occurred.
Friends and colleagues disclosed his cause of death on Facebook and instagram. Per a tweet by Mark Piper on May 15,
“Simon Diffie died in a traffic accident today. He did a lot to remember HHF.”

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