Media Critic Eric Boehlert Passed Away At 56, Details On His Personal Life


Tracy Breslin, Eric Boehlert’s wife, claims that her husband died in a cycling accident.

Eric Boehlert

Eric Boehlert

The originator of Press Run, Eric Boehlert, was a media critic and writer.

He was a senior fellow at Media Matters for America for ten years and a staff writer at Salon for five years. Prior to that, he covered the music industry as a contributing editor for Rolling Stone and a staff writer for Billboard.

Eric Boehlert’s Cause of Death

At the age of 57, Eric Boehlert was sadly killed in a bicycling accident. Tributes to the deceased have flooded Twitter and other social media channels. People share their opinions about the author.

According to the tweets, the man was exceedingly kind and kind, and his death is a loss to humanity on both a professional and humanitarian level. His wife was the first to break the news on the internet, followed by his grieving colleagues writers and authors.

Initially, netizens were perplexed as to the cause of his death, but this was clarified when his wife spoke out about the tragedy. It has benefited greatly from the media critic’s years of expertise in the showbiz writing field.

Tracy Breslin, Eric Boehlert’s wife

Eric Boehlert and Tracy Breslin were sweethearts when they married in the 1990s. Eric and Tracy had created their own fairytale realm with their two children and were intent on living happily ever after. They now call Montclair, New Jersey home.

The couple was doing an excellent job of parenting their children and attempting to get the best out of them. Despite the fact that little is known about the author’s family life, it is apparent that he had a close relationship with them.

Ben Boehlert is one of his sons, and he was born on May 3, 2000.

Eric Boehlert Obituary

‘This is terrible,’ said one Twitterati. In 2013, I was in a serious riding accident–Gov. Christie Whitman’s spouse was killed in a biking accident. People don’t realize how dangerous bicycling accidents can be–mine left me with ear damage, but I was fortunate. Tracy and her children are in my thoughts and prayers.”

Dan Froomkin, likewise, tweeted that he was devastated to learn of Eric’s death. He went on to say that the writer’s work was more important than ever before, and that he was heartbroken.

The exact time of his death has yet to be revealed, but the obituary report is on its way.