MicroPort CRM has been approved for use in Japan


MicroPort CRM recently received approval from Japan’s pharmaceuticals and medical devices agency for its Alizea line of portable pacemakers.

When combined with MicroPort CRM‘s SmartView Connect home monitor, which is already approved in Japan, the devices feature Bluetooth technology for simplified remote monitoring.

Cardiologists can remotely monitor Alizea pacemakers. The SmartView Connect home monitor is intended to be placed at the patient’s bedside to enable regular transmission of detailed reports to the cardiologist regarding the pacing system’s operation, obviating the need for patients to visit the hospital for routine examinations and thus alleviating the burden on the healthcare system.

Alizea pacemakers and the SmartView Connect home monitor work in tandem to provide the cardiologist with timely alerts and transmissions triggered by patients who present with symptoms, resulting in more efficient and timely patient care.

“We successfully launched Alizea in Europe in June 2021,” said Benoît Clinchamps, president of MicroPort CRM (Paris, France). “Japan is the second region to benefit from Alizea’s advanced technological functions.” We will continue to deploy Alizea and Smartview Connect globally as part of our commitment to improving the lives of as many patients as possible and assisting healthcare professionals in their mission.”