Miss Ugochukwu Nworie Found Dead In Hotel Room Of Ebonyi, Cause Of Death, Age, Instagram & More!


There is a piece of the shocking and unfortunate news that came and spread all over social media and the internet networks. the news is about a  lady whose name is set to be Ms ugochukwu Nworie. e she is 26 years old.   she is found dead in a hotel room which is situated in n i9 bgbowo street, Ebonyi state. the information she was raped and killed by a bunch of rapists. this unfortunate news is cleared by the police officials of Ebonyi state. This information is declared by them on Wednesday.  many individuals are now searching on the internet for getting more information about this incident. we are here to help you and give you every possible detail regarding the lady. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Miss Ugochukwu Nworie Death Reason

What Happened To Miss Ugochukwu Nworie?

D source stays tuned to our blog page and gets every possible update about the individuals who did this unfortunate act. The police authority and officials are now starting their investigation over this incident. they try their best to arrest the criminals as soon as possible. the police department arrange the highest and most ranked officer on this case. because they want to solve it as soon as possible. public relations officer declared and said that on the behalf of the Commissioner that the working on this case with all measures and hard work we will soon catch the criminals and punish them for this serious act.

Miss Ugochukwu Nworie Death Reason

According to information and investigation which is done by the police officials That the 26 years old lady is gang-raped brutally. In the hotel room, there is more than 12 condoms are founded during the search operation. Decide that the investigation is going on and we will definitely e give you updates on whatever you found and get on the investigation official said. it is revealed that it happens in the hotel which 9 nigbowo instreetabakalili. This incident is totally worse thing that happened to humanity.  as of now, it is said that the Incident was discovered on a routine check of hotel rooms. 

Miss Ugochukwu Nworie: Wikipedia, Age & Instagram

The DPO also asked the receptionist about the lady’s room, but the receptionist there did not know no and recognised who the men are they are totally stranger and a known to her.  the hotel staff tries to open the room in which the lady settled but they are not able to open it after some time they bring a spare key to open the room. as soon they open the room they found the lady in a very uncomfortable state. she is totally naked on the bed, her hand legs, and mouth are totally tied. she is in no state of living or dead already when they found her.