Nima Denzongpa Written Update Today’s Episode 6th May 2022


In the latest episode of Nima Denzongpa, we will watch Nima and Virat walking together and Nima says that she is aware that he doesn’t like hearing appreciation repeatedly but again thank you for all you did today. She says that she herself was scared seeing Manya like that but you handled her well. Virat says if begin to write thank you then all the paper in this city will fall short. Virat says that he cares for her family because she is important to her. Nima was surprised to hear her words and look at Virat but just then something went into her eyes and Virat tries to fix it and lost himself in Nima’s eyes. Get more information on Nima Denzongpa Written update.

Nima Denzongpa

Mona and Priyal there are trying to disturb Krish by showing the picture of his parents. They hide the picture in one of her books and Krish was about to see the picture but just then Virat and Nima enter the room. Krish gets elated seeing them and rushed to them and hugs them. The picture of her parents falls on the ground and goes beneath the bed. Nima and Virat pamper Krish.

Krish then asks about Khushi and asks why didn’t she come, Nima tries to make him understand and says that Khushi was an orphan, and Krish asks what is an orphan. Nima replies that a kid who lost their parents are orphans. She further says that Khushi isn’t an orphan as his mother is alive and she took her along with her. She says that Krish is along with his family. Krish and Nima were in a room together when a power cut took place.

Virat also comes out of his room and Gulshan is strolling in the house wearing a white gown with open hair with a candle in his hand Virat gets scared seeing her. He then recognized her and Gulshan asks why did you scare. Virat says if you roam like this in the house anyone can get scared.

She tells Virat that it seems something went wrong with the fuse you must check. Virat along with Gulshan go to check the fuse but Virat doesn’t understand anything just then Nima comes there and fixed the fuse within a while. Virat gets surprised seeing that Nima is an all-rounder.  Get more information on Nima Denzongpa’s written update on Social Telecast.