Paula Patton Responds to Backlash Over Fried Chicken Recipe Viral Video


After a long, once again a popular actress Paula Patton is coming into the limelight while remaining the subject of hot discussion among everyone since he shared a recipe of fried chicken cooked by her mom. Yes, you heard right, ever since she made her appearance on Instagram along with the recipe on 4th March 2022 she is maintaining the hot potato. As uncounted people are reacting to the post even a few are sending the backlashing as well. But recently, she replied to them while posting an entire statement, so below you could get the comprehensive details you need to know.

Paula Patton Fried Chicken Recipe

As per the exclusive reports or sources, the actress wore up her apron and showed off her mom’s fried chicken recipe while taking her Instagram handle, as she shared an entire video which is containing a few minutes recipe. She shared it on 4th March 2022 and since then it is making huge headlines, but besides this, when she shared the instruction then everything initiated. Because a few are saying that along with the recipe her instruction is not fitting accurately, hence, she is receiving immense backlashing. But the twist arrived when she came to the fore with the reply to make the users calm down.

Statement of Paula Patton

Reportedly, she said that everyone has their own perspective to take the recipe so therefore, their reactions are not bothering her because as far as she has concerned five fingers are not equal. Because if a far are finding flaws so at the same time a few are appreciating her for sharing such an amazing video, further she said that besides all these she will make a new kind of fried chicken and will definitely share the recipe again because she always makes her mom’s chicken they were she did it, as she puts the seasoning in the oil and all that as it is the way they do it.

Amidst all these, Paula’s oil seasoning is the prime reason behind the trolling as one user wrote that ” Paula Patton just ruined their day” as she showed something worst they did not even see in their life and do not want to see as well”. So if you want to get a bit deeper than you could search for her on internet sites as well, where you will get more about her or better you could visit her social media profile.