Russian Far-Rightist Vladimir Zhirinovsky Dies at 75, Saluted by Putin What Was His Cause Of Death


A Russian-based renowned personality named Vladimir Zhirinovsky passed away at the age of 75. He was designated as a far-right politician for Russia and was well known for his instigating stunts and anti-western speeches that gained him colossal attention for more than 30 years. According to the latest reports, the furious Internet personality died after a prolonged illness. The terrible news has been confirmed by the Parliament speaker on Wednesday, 6th April 2022. All of the significant personalities of the nation are expressing their grief on this misfortune. Get more information on the Russian Far-Rightist Vladimir Zhirinovsky’s death cause.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky Death News

On behalf of the reports, Zhirinovsky was 75 years old at the time he breathed last. He was admitted to the hospital after discovering that he was suffering from the dreaded virus. The information has been released by Russian media. Along with that, it is being said that his condition much deteriorated to speak publically on the ongoing war in Ukraine. However, the echo of his dynamic voice can be heard in the voice of the president of the country Vladimir Putin. Although all of the complaints he had been making since 1990 found an echo in Presiden’s rapidly enhanced bitter rhetoric in the month of February.

As per one of his complaints wherein he was continuously alleging the West for cheating and deceiving Russia. The president of the country also paid his tribute to the Russian far-right politician Zhirinovsky. Putin said “Always, in any audience, in the most heated discussion, he defended the patriotic position, the interests of Russia. As we mentioned above Zhirinovsky remained in the headlines for his fierce speeches. He even mentioned launching nuclear weapons in opposition to many countries in his speeches.

He once said to conquer Alaska from the US for the expansion of his country Russia to make it a point where Russian soldiers can wash their boots in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. The statement gained huge controversy across the world. But now, the fierce political leader passed away leaving all of his disciples and followers heartbroken and devastated.

As we mentioned, his demise news has been confirmed by the speaker of the Parliament. All the lawmakers in the parliament stood in silence to pay tribute to their leader. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family members. May his soul find its way to heaven. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.