Serdar Yeter Video Leaked, Ertugrul Ekmekc Suicide News Viral On Twitter, Instagram & Reddit!


As per the recent report very shocking news is coming up this incident took place in Konya in the month of September this was a murder mystery case and there was a suspect finding out related to this incident Muge Anli. However, it is being said that now many complaints are there related to this case and which are roaming on the social media platforms. Talking about Ekmekci who is in the army with his older brother, however, it is said that he also serves in the military and now also going for the broadcast which is telecast live. He explained to the media that his brother was sorted in the party one day before this whole murder case turned out to be unsure. But a new statement came up from his house owner whose name is Mahmut Bey, and he mention that he didn’t see any of the person shooting a rifle. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Serdar Yeter Video Leaked

Serdar Yeter Video Leaked

However he also claim that he saw his brother clearly said that he saw Ertugrul who was holding a rifle and then he shot him. This is a very twisted murder mystery case. Afternoon the whole incident they went to the room where he was shot and then they clean the whole room for the funeral. Ertugrul said that they both were cleaning the room together but this whole mystery case didn’t end within 3 days before the murder, there were many footprints and that are making and pointing out toward him.. this whole murder mystery has blown up everyone’s mind and police is still investigating the whole incident in brief so that the culprit should be punished.

Ertugrul Ekmekc Suicide News

However there is a random person who is blowing up everyone’s mines and this is all because of social media and the users raising the voice of Serdar, that he is not a stranger and then he committed suicide. And it is very difficult to imagine or even to think about the situation of the friends or family member who commit suicide and there may have been many clear mornings that you might have missed. But there are many factors that can be combined to lead a person to take such a decision in their own life. Whether it is a murder or a suicide case, the culprit should be taken to the prison.

It is a unlock full killing of a human without justification or valid excuse and it is to be termed as the unlawful killing of another human. And it is a very serious crime and thus the person who has convected the whole murder should receive Harsh punishment for the purposes of retribution. And in many Countries, there is a system where a person who has convicted the whole mother will face a very long term present which is is also termed a a life sentence.