Sirf Tum Today’s Written Episode 9th May 2022: Ansh Signs Divorce Papers


The latest episode of Sirf Tum starts with Suhani. She says that she will do the interiors. Ranveer smiles. In the next scene, they imagine Mamta’s hospital and dream of treating the patients, celebrating their birthdays, and getting blessings from the cured patients. Suhani looks at Ranveer and says that he is making her every dream fulfilled. Ranveer corrects her saying it’s not her dream but theirs. Here, Asha asks Ansh to sign the divorce papers, or else he will have to go to jail. Mamta thinks that Ranveer will marry Suhani.

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Suhani asks Ranveer if Ansh will sign the papers. Ranveer says that he would not have any option other than that. In the next scene, Ansh taunts Ranveer and Suhani by addressing them as love birds. He asks Suhani if she is roaming around with her lover while making her husband sit idle at home. Ranveer asks Ansh to cut the crap and asks him to give the divorce papers to him already. Ansh gives him the same and asks them to decorate it on their wall. Suhani gets happy seeing the papers. Ansh looks at them and thinks that they still will not be able to marry each other.

Suhani goes inside the house to pray to God for their happy life. She gets shocked to see an upset Mamta there. Here, Vikrant thinks that Ansh and Suhani’s divorce can not happen. He plans to do something so that Ranveer can never marry Suhani. Suhani approaches Mamta and says that she knows she is accepting her because of Ranveer but assures her that she will not be disappointed. When a girl gets married and goes to her Sasural, everyone tells her that she must adjust, but no one considers the Saas who must share her son with her daughter-in-law. She swears that Ranveer will always be hers and that she is returning to her home as her daughter.

Rakesh emerges after hearing the Baja band. Standing among the band members are John and Raghav. Sudha, Dadi, and Kamini also make an appearance. Suhani has arrived. When Rakesh, Sudha, and others see her, they all smile. Suhani embraces Rakesh. Rakesh is overjoyed. Suhani claims to have broken free from the marriage and Ansh. Everyone is beaming. Dadi inquires Suhani if that has happened to which she says, yes. Dadi exclaims that she has done a nice deed and dances joyfully. Follow for more updates!