UCF Coach Gus Malzahn Car Accident in Auburn Check Footage Video Is He Dead or Alive?


Gus Malzahn the famous UFC coach has received sudden and enormous attention after he reportedly becomes the victim of an automotive crash lately. The news spread like a wildfire across the web and all of his fans are keen to learn more about his current health condition of Malzahn. The mishap occurred in Auburn, Ala on Monday, the 4th of April and was published by many significant sources of information. Numerous users are trying to fetch the details of the events under which the mishap emerged. Get more information UCF coach Gus Malzahn met with a serious accident.

UCF Coach Gus Malzahn

According to the reports issued by a prominent source of information took place near Hamilton and Ogletree roads. At the time the coach was riding a vehicle that crashed with a motorcycle. After analyzing the aftermath of the accident it came to know that the rider went into trauma and was hospitalized in a critical condition. The information has been released by the police authority. Along with that officers shared that even after the rider sustain critical injuries but he is being assumed to be recovered soon.

In addition to this, another news channel informed that the coach was driving a car and got non-serious injuries. The 56 years old UCF athletic director was in Auburn assisting and consoling her wife Kristi and her mother on the event of Kristi’s father. The case went viral all over Social Media platforms and fans and other netizens tried to collect more information on the details of the accident. As of now, it has been released that the motorcyclist is in trauma and receiving treatment for his wounds. He is expected that will recover soon. However, the coach is fine with minor injuries.

Gus Malzahn the renowned American Football coach, well, his real name is Arthur Gustavo Malzahn. Currently, Malzahn is serving as the head coach at the University of Central Florida(UFC). He was also appointed as the head coach in 2013 at Auburn University where he served 7 years of his service till 2020.

Before this, he also trained the athletes of Arkansas State University on the same post. He was reported as being the offensive coordinator at Auburn from 2009 to 2011. As of now, all of the fans and disciples are praying for his speedy recovery. We will get back to you with more information till then stay tuned with Social Telecast.