Udaariyaan 6th May 2022 Written Update Episode Tejo Reveals Her Identity For Fateh


Hello, all the daily soap lovers, finally we are here with the exclusive updates of your favorite TV drama Udaariyaan as the 6th May 2022 episode is bringing a high voltage drama along with those activities which will definitely make you astonished. As Tejo is looking ahead to get the help of someone so that, she could execute everything the way she wants and therefore, as long as she is alone it could be a bit impossible. Therefore she thinks to talk to those who are close to her in London and without saying anything just help her, but she is not understanding anything midst all these.


After a while, Tejo aka Taniya decides to go out for a while to take fresh air so that, her stress could reduce a bit. Therefore she goes to the park and finds her friends so that, she could talk to them, then spontaneously she sees that a group of goons is beating Fateh and making him injured as well. She rushes to him and tries to take him away but she gets pushed by the goon as he asks her to leave as soon as possible, otherwise, they will not let her go.

Meanwhile, Tejo decides to reveal her secret by saying that nothing is more important than saving Fateh’s life. Therefore, she calls him and says that his Tejo is saying to wake up so please, do not let them beat just wake up and start fighting with them. Fateh gets shocked to hear her statement but finally, she spoke the truth, and therefore,m he gets his powers back and starts retaliating against those goons. He beats them in such a manner they had to rush but Fateh’s anger is hitting the headlines as they have beaten him up to the extent.

After a while, Fateh comes to Tejo and asks her why she is hiding her real identity from them, and what was the reason became the cause of her separation. Meantime, Tejo aka Taniya thinks to manipulate Fateh therefore, she says that she has d0one all these for the sake of his safety because she knew that once she will pronounce herself Tejo then he will come definitely for fighting. So it was just a drama or nothing else so he does not need to think more because she is Taniya and he should accept it. So do not miss streaming it on Colors at the correct time and for more details stay tuned with us.