Vladimir Zhirinovsky Dead, An Outspoken Ultranationalist, Died At 75.


Who was Vladimir Zhirinovsky? And what was the cause of his death?

Vladimir Zhirinovsky was a Russian politician who supported ultranationalism. He was outspoken in his prediction of a conflict in Ukraine. He died of  Covid 19. Zhirinovsky has reportedly been vaccinated eight times against covid. He has been a political opponent of Vladimir Putin for three decades. Aside from that, Zhirinovsky was the Russian parliament’s court jester.

After Zhirinovsky’s death, the chair of the State Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, declared. “He died after a “tough and protracted sickness,” according to rumours that circulated throughout the year. Despite being vaccinated eight times, he developed coronavirus symptoms. Last week, he was also brought to the hospital due to a complex health issue involving pneumonia.

Parliament speaker Vyacheslav Volodin confirmed the death news of Zhirinovsky.
he said that ” Zhirinovsky was always in the thick of things: “A man who deeply understood how the world works and foresaw a lot.”

Throughout his more than 30-year political career, Zhirinovsky’s clownish ultranationalism astonished and thrilled Russians. He claimed he dreamt of the day in the early nineties.

“When Russian soldiers can wash their boots in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.”

During one of his major wins before MPs, he predicted that Russia would invade Ukraine and named the date practically. “At 04:00 on 22 February you’ll feel [our new policy]. I’d like 2022 to be peaceful. But I love the truth, for 70 years I’ve said the truth. It won’t be peaceful. It will be a year when Russia once again becomes great.”

In 1946, Vladimir Zhirinovsky was born in Almaty, Kazakhstan’s capital. In 1989, he co-founded a political party. It was the first legitimate opposition party in the Soviet Union. He made his post-Soviet political debut in 1991, finishing a surprising third in presidential elections. Two years later, his Liberal Democratic Party of Russia received 23 percent of the vote in legislative elections. He received about 8% of the vote.

“He was, as we now understand, the first populist of the ‘Trumpist’ type, a pioneer. But in the 1990s he seemed to be a classic far right, close to semi-fascist views,”
“And in the circumstances of the political confrontations of that time, this was the case.”
For three decades, Zhirinovsky established a following by encircling himself with a group of young men from the LDPR and acquiring a reputation as a straight-talking brawler, which led to his characterization. “Russia’s Trump,” as he’s been termed.

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