What Happened To Him?? Iiser Kolkata Student’s Mysterious Death In A Laboratory


Subhadip Roy was discovered dead in his laboratory at the Mohanpur campus.

Subhadip Roy

Subhadip Roy

Security guards, students, and college officials discovered a researcher called Suhadip Roy dead in the laboratory on Monday. Everyone in the neighborhood was taken aback.

Subhadip Roy: What Happened To Him?

Subhadip Roy was discovered dead inside the Mohanpur campus’s laboratory. He was discovered laying on the laboratory floor with his head partially wrapped in plastic by security officers, students, and instructors.

The door of the laboratory on the first level of the Research Building, according to several pupils, was locked from the inside. As a result, security guards busted the door open and discovered the victim on the floor.

He was rushed to the hospital, but physicians informed him that he had died many hours before.

The 29-year-old worked in the Department of Physical Sciences at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research in Kolkata. Quantum physics, experimental physics, and condensed matter physics were among his areas of study.

He was also the former general secretary of the IISER K Students’ Affairs Committee and was well-liked by the students.

He began his studies at IISER in 2014 as a 7-year Integrated Ph.D. student in Physics, according to an official. He had been concerned about his widowed mother since his father died two years ago.

Is Iiser Kolkata Student Subhadip Roy Death Caused by Suicide?

Suicide is said to be the reason of death for Iiser Kolkata students and researcher Subhadip Roy. Around a dozen empty containers of Demoscanil Lime Sulfur, a pet medicine for external anti-fungal therapy, were located near the deceased body, according to News From Nadia.

The authorities were unable to determine if the researcher consumed the contents of the containers immediately. Doctors, on the other hand, feel Demoscanil Lime Sulfur is exceedingly dangerous to people.

An autopsy was performed on the body at the JNM Hospital & College of Medicine in Kalyani. An autopsy will be performed on Tuesday, and the body will then be handed over to the deceased’s mother.

According to sources, this is the second mystery death of a student on the IISER K campus, following the suicide of Sagar Mondal, a second-year BSMS student, in May 2017.