What Happened To Lvovo Derrango? Kwaito star survives Car Accident


What Happened To Lvovo Derrango? Kwaito star survives Car Accident: Very interesting news we are going to share. It is about the accident has happened to a very famous businessman and a kwaito star thokozani Ndlovu who is popularly known by his name Lvovo Durango. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Lvovo Accident

Who is Lvovo Derrango?

Lvovo Derrango was born on the 1 September 1980 in Newcastle. KwaZulu Natal, in South Africa  He is 40 years old and celebrates his birthday every year with pomp and show. He was a very popular television celebrity .he was known by a television dancing competition SABC which came in 2013. he was a great businessman also and his estimated net worth is $300.000 which he earned as a musician and actor. he is an all-rounder.

Lvovo Derrango Car Accident

This accident is happen last night Tuesday. The accident happened while Lvovo was driving alone in the car. his car was 30 km far from his mother’s home .car brand is VW Polo and silver in color. He was seriously injured .after this accident people called the police and an ambulance. he was on shift in Newcastle hospital. police take a statement of him he said that ” I was driving a car alone I was going to home .one truck had come straight to me .” I am lucky that no more serious injury in my body”.

Lvovo Derrango Car Accident Video Explained

“I thank you God and I am in the hospital right now ” his fans are disturbed by seeing this news and they want to see them in hospital but for security, reason police don’t allow .many fans pray to God that he is alive .after all of this police investigate this case with deeply and search the truck driver. many celebrities are sad after hearing this news. Lvovo is famous for the song Bayang sukela which was produced by the prolific musician and producer Zakes Bantwini in 2007.

The government takes strict action about this accident and they don’t want this type of case is happening in the future. police also make a statement of his family members and all country people condolence his family. According to CCTV footage police find a big clue about this accident according to this clue they search the truck driver. people come out from home and go to the roads for candle march. they want justice. eyewitnesses give statements to people that the speed of trucks was very high and trucks overloaded with big boxes and overtake cars. let’s see what will happen in this case. all VIP person goes to the hospital.