What Happened To XELONQ GAMA Ripon CA? Where She Is Now, Found Dead In River, Suspect & Killer Name!


Xylona Gama has been disappeared and no one knows what she is doing and they couldn’t find her. Her loved ones are getting worried about her as per resources she is 5’3 tall Where are she has long hair which are of Brown colors and her eyes are also of brown color and the weight she is approximately 130 pounds and she was has pierced nose and a tattoo on her hand On 4th April 2022, Gama was missing from repon California. Stay tuned to our website for more latest updates!!!!

Xylona Gama

Who Killed Xylona Gama? Suspect & Killer

Asphalt reports she was in the last scene in Spring creep course and since now she is missing, therefore, there is no given evidence that someone has discovered a girl like her. Her family and loves one are in trauma and she didn’t even inform her parents which is rare and unusual. Investigators are trying their best to investigate this case. Everyone out there has asked to call 209 607 9891 If in case they have got any information

What Was Xylona Gama’s Cause Of Death?

About her loved ones who are getting failed to find her. Her it was appearing to be in her 20. Alyssa is her friend who used to enjoy with Xylona There are no such specific proof and approaches to the victim who are working very long and hard to figure out what happened to her this case has been high lighting and floating in the air everyone is concerned and especially her family only thing they want is her safe return.

Xylona Gama: Boyfriend Name & Instagram

Gama’s disappearance worries her loved ones so much that they are attempting their biggest seak and bleeding everyone to help them out. Whereas Alyssa is described as a sweet girl who was a friend of Kama but there are no Rivals and it was appreciated by all her Associates. We the team of TheGossipsWorld currently searching on this topic to get more details and as soon as we get we will update the same till then bookmark this website for the future!