What Is Celebrated On May 7 In The World? What Is Special In May Other Than Mother’s Day? Check Out!


Apart from Mother’s day, this month is special for some other reason as well. Mother’s day is coming ahead and people are excited to share gifts and celebrate the day with their mothers, however, this month has something else too to offer something unique and promising. Some might have heard of it and some people may not aware be aware of it. We are here talking about World Astronomy Day. It is an event celebrated in the USA at first but now is accepted widely. It is often celebrated on a Saturday that is between Mid of April and May. This year the world Astronomy day is about to be celebrated on the 7th of May, on the first Saturday of this month.  Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

What Is Special In May?

What Is Special In May?

This day was started to make common people and civilians know the constellations, stars, outer space, and all about space. It was first initiated by Doug Berger, in the year 1973. He was the president of the Astronomical Association of Northern California. It is a way to interact and learn more about space from the astronomers and people who have to know more about the stars, constellations, and outer space. It is a plus point that the day is celebrated twice a year, the first time during the spring and the second time during the fall. We can see the various changes that occur during the shifting of the constellations.

The founder of the day wanted everyone to know about the magical changes in the stars and constellations. Earlier back in the 80s and 90s people used to set up telescopes and used to see the changes, but now everyone will be able to see the changes with their family, this way they will be able to learn collectively. Constellations and stars are fun to learn and explore. Earlier pirates and ship crew members used to look up to constellations to know the changes in direction.

Importance Of Astronomical Day

The same technique still can be used to know directions. Astronomical terms can be learned these days, as they have more reference to our real-life terms. These terms are often used in movies as well. There are different phases of the moon, they all can be learned and taught to children and know how beautiful these changes can be when seen by our naked eye. The structural organization of the planets and how they are placed in the solar system. Also, it is very unique to learn more about constellations and space sciences.