What is the age difference between Peter Shilton and his wife Stephanie Hayward? Details Regarding His Marriage

What is the age difference between Peter Shilton and his wife Stephanie Hayward? Details Regarding His Marriage

With almost 1,000 league games played throughout his football career, Peter Shilton OBE is a player of distinction.

Among many other illustrious teams, he has played for Nottingham Forest, Southampton, Derby County, Wimbledon, Bolton Wanderers, and West Ham United.

Shilton participated in the 1982, 1986, and 1990 FIFA World Cups with the English national team in addition to his league career. The game in 1986 in which Diego Maradona scored two infamous goals against him was highlighted by his performance.

With 1,390 appearances, the English football juggernaut holds the global record for the most competitive appearances.

Peter Shilton and wife

Peter Shilton and wife

Stephanie Hayward, wife of Peter Shilton Age Disparity

Stephanie Hayward Shilton Shilton, sometimes known as Steph, is the wife of Peter Shilton, with whom he is happily married. The record-setting footballer’s second wife, Steph, is also his younger counterpart.

In their marriage, the Shiltons’ ages differ by nearly two decades. Peter was born on September 18, 1949, in Leicester, England, and is currently 72 years old.

Steph, his cherished spouse, is now in her early 50s. Despite their vast age differences, the two have an extremely harmonious relationship.

Peter attributes Steph’s love and understanding for assisting him in overcoming his 45-year gambling addiction.

The Parish of St. Peter and St. Paul Church in West Mersea is where this couple exchanged vows on December 10, 2016, after becoming engaged in 2014.

In addition to being life partners, the two are also successful professionals. The Sun reveals that the two are the founders of the Peter & Steffi Shilton Consultancy, which aims to help brands, companies, and services benefit from their extensive knowledge of both football and medicine.

Stephanie Hayward, wife of Peter Shilton Gross Value With their substantial net worth now, Peter Shilton and his wife Stephanie Hayward live happy lives.

According to their prior lucrative occupations, both are millionaires. Steffi is a jazz vocalist, whereas Peter was a renowned goalie in his era.

But because of his drinking and gambling addiction, Mr. Shilton had once experienced a low period in his life.

Peter and Steph are content with their income and married life because he has found his soulmate and business partner.

In addition to his work at Peter & Steffi Shilton Consultancy, Peter works with the government to spread awareness about problems like gambling and mental health because he has learned from his past mistakes.

According to The Mirror, Shilton had lost millions due to his previous drinking and gambling habits.

The rich pair has therefore sought a means of educating the public about their experiences in life and work.

Who Are the Children of Peter Shilton and Stephanie Hayward? The family of Shilton

There are no children from their marriage that Peter Shilton and Stephanie Hayward share.

From his former marriage to Sue Flitcroft, Mr. Shilton is the father of two grown sons. Sam, his younger son, was a professional football player like his older son Michael.

During his career, which lasted from 1994 to 2013, Sam Shilton was a defender for numerous teams, including Plymouth Argyle, Hartlepool United, Burton Albion, Hinckley United, Bedworth United, and others.

Up until their divorce in the early 2010s, Peter and his wife Sue had a pleasant marriage and a well-ordered family life.

The former couple’s separation from one another after 40 years of marriage was made official in December 2011. According to The Mirror UK, Peter was honest about his “heartbreak” about the breakup.

Peter is content with his new life with Stephanie Hayward now that he has moved on.

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