Where Is Xylona Gama Ripon CA Now? Missing Case Details -Was She Abducted With Friend Alyssa Ros?


Her loved ones are so concerned about Xylona Gama’s disappearance that they are doing everything they can to find her and pleading with everyone to assist them.

Xylona Gama

Xylona Gama

Xylona is described as being a 5’3″ tall Caucasian woman with long brown hair and brown eyes. She is approximately 130 pounds.

A nose piercing and various tattoos, including a crown behind her ear and a butterfly and key tattoo on her forearm, were cited as distinguishing aspects of her to help her in her hunt.

Xylona was escorted to Spring Creek Golf Course by Alyssa Ros, who had been noticed missing with her and has black hair, darkish brown eyes, is 5’3 feet tall and weighs 125 pounds.

Where is Xylona Gama Ripon CA Now? Missing Case Details

On the 4th of April 2022, Xylona Gama and her companion Alyssa Ros went missing from Ripon, California.

Xylona and Alyssa were last seen leaving Spring Creek Golf Course in a silver 2000 Infinity Q50 with a license plate that ended in “024”, and have been missing ever since. No, there is no evidence that anyone has discovered anything about the girls.

The family and loved ones say it’s uncommon and concerning because she hasn’t informed them of her whereabouts, which is rare and unlike of her.

Everyone is asked to call 209-607-9891 if they have any information about her, as her loved ones are frantically attempting to find her.

Rumors of Alyssa Ros’s Death

The girls’ ages, Xylona Gama and Alyssa Ros, have not been revealed, but they appear to be in their 20s.

Alyssa is characterized as a kind girl who enjoys herself with her friend Xylona, but she appears to be out for much too long for her parents to be concerned about her not informing them of any specifics at all, which is unusual for her.

Alyssa had no rivals, was well-liked by all of her friends, and approached people in a feather-like manner.

Because there are no specifics that can assist investigators approach the victims, authorities are working long and hard to figure out what happened to the women. Despite this, there is no indication that anyone is aware of the absence, which is simply inflicting anguish to their family and friends.

Their case has been floating through the air like it’s no one’s business, and everyone concerned is only concerned about one thing: their safe return.