Who Is Eddy Alexandre and why was Eminifx CEO Arrested? Charges Explained


Who Is Eddy Alexandre and why was Eminifx CEO Arrested? Charges Explained: All people want to become rich and they do many things to become rich but some of them fail. but today here is a one-man who is rich and they phase some strange things in his life and why he went to the jail so let’s talk about the Eddy Alexandre. this news highly trends today. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Eddy Alexandre

Who Is Eddy Alexandre?

Eddy Alexandre is the CEO of Eminifx. He is very rich. he has, an engineer. been a senior architect. He has a track record of delivering highly complex, sound, and effective management. he has a massive knowledge of complex industries. He has an American nationality. he completed his graduation from Harvard University.

A New York man (Eddy) promised her investors that he could double their money within five months through a technology. investors spent their money. they trust her talks and the friendly behavior is shown by eddy. all of the investors spent their money on luxurious items like cars and all of the luxurious things. they spent about $15 million. when the time is coming to return their money back Eddy failed to return their money and they don’t pick up any call from the investors. all investors have to decide whether they file her case they went to the court for justice.

Why was Eminifx Ceo Eddy Alexandre Arrested?

According to legal action, police arrest him on 12 May 2022 and they filled the case of her and charged him with the fraud scheme. He was charged with one count each of commodities fraud and wire fraud. and he goes to jail for 4 to 5 years. police freeze her accounts and take strict action against all of the illegal property. police find that he frauds many people and he has $59 million crypto pyramid currency which is illegal. his actual net worth is investigated by police because he didn’t give any single tax.

Now the government orders the official officer that all property will be seized soon as soon as possible. Eddy’s case is revealed day by day with a new twist. people are also surprised to see her news and some people have to follow his journey to become rich but this incident down the image of the eddy. people called him a big fraud and abuse him. the public also appreciates the police action. news media broadcast his news on their channel and spread awareness also. don’t believe anyone easily with the first meeting.