Who Is Kevin Mclean? Dripping Springs Teacher Arrested For Inappropriate Activity


Who Is Kevin Mclean? Dripping Springs Teacher Arrested For Inappropriate Activity: One more teacher is presently involved in a serious crime against a student. The name of the accused teacher is Kevin Mclean who is a former Dripping Springs ISD middle school teacher. Apart from this, he is presently gaining public attention after being detained for inappropriate activity. As per sources, Mclean was detained on Thursday, 5th May 2022 after the Hays Couty Sheriff’s Office became aware of McLean partaking in improper communication with pupils. In further addition to this, it was also known McLean supplied the sufferers with both nicotine and THC vapes. Besides it, he was placed into custody sans incident and held at the Hays County Jail. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Who Is Kevin Mclean?

As we already mentioned, Kevin Mclean is known as a former Dripping Springs ISD middle school teacher. He is becoming a media sensation after the news of his allegations flooded the internet sources. Not to mention, Mclean was a science teacher and was employed on 11th August 2020, after giving a national, fingerprint-based background check mandated for all employees and was then appointed to teach and coach track at DSMS.

On 27th April 2022, DSISD set McLean on leave and immediately removed his access to all campuses and pupils related to claimed unfitting social media posts. Though Kevin will not be coming back to any campus or DSISD property, as DSISD had formerly got and accepted his resignation irrelevant to the recent accusations,” according to the statement of district.

Kevin Mclean Arrested

30-year-old Kevin James McLean, alias Kevin Mclean, was charged with selling, displaying, or distributing toxic materials to a minor and distributing a controlled substance to a pupil. Similarly, DSISD placed McLean on leave and instantly dismissed his access to DSISD campuses and pupils related to alleged unsuitable social media posts.

Why was Kevin Mclean Springs’s Teacher Arrested?

To be concerned, a report was originally lodged with the Austin Police Department. In addition to this, through the probe between HSCO, APD, and Dripping Springs ISD, McLean sent juvenile sufferers unseemly photos through the social media app Snapchat. In further addition to this, 7 arrest warrants were given for McLean:4 charges of Sale, Distribution of Presentation of Harmful Material to a Minor, and 3 charges of Distributing of Collected Substance to a Minor.