Who Is Lisa Salb From Waukesha? Details About Her Husband, Family, Political Affiliation And Mayoral Election Results


Lisa Salb is an American politician who has launched her bid for mayor of Waukesha. She is not, however, affiliated with any political party.

Lisa Salb

Lisa Salb

Waukesha resident Lisa Salb has declared that she will be collecting signatures to run against Mayor Shawn Reilly in the April election.

Salb, who is also the chairwoman of the Landmarks Board, and her husband Bob are currently renovating the historic Blair House at 434 Madison Street as a bed and breakfast.

She said she chose to be late, although she had gathered about half of the signatures she needed by Wednesday. The deadline for all signatures is Tuesday.

Lisa Salb is a member of which political party? Find out more about the Mayoral Candidate in Waukesha.

Lisa Salb has been mum about which political party she backs.

Shawn Reilly, a veteran who had previously renounced his Republican Party allegiance, won the Waukesha city mayoral race, in which both candidates avoided seeking party support in their campaigns.

Reilly won his third four-year term with around 64 percent of the vote in Tuesday’s election, compared to Lisa Salb’s 33 percent. Both candidates decried a trend in local elections in which politics has gained precedence.

When asked if she would seek party support, Salb said categorically that she would not. With a home on one of Waukesha’s greatest peaks, she is a prominent member of the neighborhood.

Furthermore, according to American congressman Reilly, the city has allowed developers to push for too many high-end flats while neglecting to offer sufficient housing for young people.

Meet Lisa Salb’s Husband Bob Salb

Lisa Salb and her husband Bob Slad have a happy marriage.

The couple has been married for many years and have a lovely daughter named Sarah Sallmann as a result of their union.

According to Lisa, who has kept chickens for the past three years with her husband Bob at the historic Blair House on the hill between Madison and Delafield roads, the proposed laws do not properly examine the city’s circumstances.

According to the source, if these changes are granted, 75 percent of our community will be forbidden from raising chickens.

The zone restriction, according to Salb, will affect not just her land but also that of her daughter, Sarah, who raises chickens near Buchner Park.

Find out more about Lisa Salb’s family.

Lisa Salb grew up in Wind Lake, Wisconsin, where she was reared by her family.

She has not, however, revealed the identities or other information about any of her parents or other relatives in the public domain.

Slab has lived in Waukesha since 1989 and was valedictorian of Muskego High School in 1982. After having four children, she enrolled at WCTC to study architectural drafting, construction, and technology.

After her first year of education, she was granted a full-time job developing architectural blueprints all throughout the area, according to the story.