Who Is Lynn Clark Belchertown MA? Chicopee School Superintendent Arrested For Lying


Chicopee Superintendent of Schools Lynn Clark is from Belchertown, Massachusetts.

Lynn Clark

Lynn Clark

According to the FBI, a Massachusetts public school director informed the candidate in an anonymous text that if he refused to get out of the campaign, he would risk “destroying his reputation.”

While the case is still underway, let’s take a look at Lynn Clark, the accused, and her personal life.

Who Is Lynn Clark Belchertown MA? Arrested For Lying

Lynn Clark was arrested on Wednesday for making false statements in connection with threatening messages sent to a candidate for Chicopee police chief. She was accused with making false statements in a criminal complaint on one count.

According to officials, Clark allegedly sent 99 threatening texts to the job prospect using a bogus phone number in an attempt to get them to withdraw their application.

According to the lawsuit, Chicopee was in the process of appointing a new chief of police in December 2021. According to officials, Clark allegedly sent 99 threatening texts to a job prospect using a false phone number in an attempt to persuade them to withdraw their application.

Lynn Clark Belchertown Is A Chicopee School Superintendent

Lynn Clark is a 51-year-old superintendent of schools. The recent news about her being detained for lying has swept the internet, sparking a flurry of debate.

Clark sent investigators texts repeatedly, denying suspicion of others, but subsequently revealed that she had sent a message, according to officials. According to the criminal complaint, Clark sent a message because he feared a job candidate would “negatively affect” Clark’s status as principal if he became a police principal.

False testimony charges can result in a sentence of up to 5 years in jail, a year of probation, and a fine of up to $10,000. Clark will make his first appearance in Federal Court in Springfield on Wednesday.

US lawyer Rachel S. Rollins and Special Agent Joseph R. Bonaboronta, who is in charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Boston office, made the announcement today. The case has been charged by Neil L. Desroches, Assistant US Attorney for RollinsSpringfield Branch.

The allegations in the lawsuit are merely allegations, and the accused is assumed innocent until proven guilty in court.