Who Is Soulja Boy’s girlfriend Aliyah Hayes? Baby Drama Explored


Who Is Soulja Boy’s girlfriend Aliyah Hayes? Baby Drama Explored: Recently, news has been seen that Aliyah Hayes’s boyfriend Soulja boy has hidden the truth from her. She says, my boyfriend has already had a baby and I found it through Instagram Chats. He hides it from me all the time. I had no idea about his baby. I wanted to ask him so many questions about the baby but he did not answer any one of my questions. Aliyah was 29 years old and she is the rapper’s girlfriend. Soulja was a rapper and he release raps from time to time. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Soulja Boy’s girlfriend Aliyah Hayes

Who Is Soulja Boy’s girlfriend Aliyah Hayes?

Aliyah also says that we have been both together for over a decade and we had plans to marry each other in the future. But Soulja hides the big thing from me. Now I don’t feel good after hearing the news of his baby. Regarding this, Soulja didn’t respond to any of it.

How did Soulja Boy and Aliyah Hayes meet?

Both met at the Christmas Eve Party in 2012. She was 19 years old at the time when she met Soulja. Both got love at first sight, start a conversation with them and their conversation will turn into love and they fall into a relationship. At first, he took care of me, and always go to amusement parks together to have some fun. But after some time, a change has been seen in his behavior. He started to angry at small things and make them big. Sometimes, when he came back home he was drunken and start fighting with me for no reason. I can’t handle his attitude and almost try to break up. But later on, we got back together, resolve the issues, and came back to normal.

He is my boyfriend after all and fights in the relationship were normal. Every couple does it. She made a commitment to him that he is the only man I want to be with for the rest of my life. No matter how many tough days we gonna see. But we stayed together. But after hearing his baby news, I was totally broke and devastated. I didn’t expect from him. He cheats on me. If I found out who’s the baby was then I don’t what to do at that time. She left with this message. Let’s see what happened next. If any updates will come then we definitely inform you. Till then follow this site.