Who was Arlana Janell and what was her cause of death?


Who was Arlana Janell and what was her cause of death?: Southern University student also a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana student Arlana Janell has died. Her death has been confirmed dead after her body was discovered in the Mississippi River. When her body was found in the river, it was very shocking news for everyone. When the body was found on the Mississippi River. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Arlana Janell

Who was Arlana Janell?

Arlana Janell’s death news has been confirmed by Dria Derricho on Facebook to announce the passing of Arlana Miller where she confirms that she has committed suicide as per her written letter. She wrote, ‘’ I hate reading things like this, it is so sad to think or even read about to anyone battling with these issues. These temporary feelings never last it will get better. Continue to fight and push through Better Days are coming!!! I don’t think I can sleep after this!

Suicide is a time high!!! Yall better wake TF UP! Please don’t just check up on people but be there for them, love them, support them, and help them! All the Time not Just temporarily! Just wish I could have helped in some kind of way. She shared this letter on her Instagram post. She wrote a goodbye post on her Instagram account. she thanked everyone who has been in her life and talked about how she fought the depression.

Arlana Janell Cause of Death

Her Instagram post cleared that, she was facing the problem of depression. She could not help own to come over from the depression. It is very heard breaking news for everyone. Whoever is getting the news. She was a talented student. It is not clear yet why she is depressed. What problem was she facing? Her family is very shocked after getting her daughter’s death. She was a hardworking girl and very sporting to the family.

She continued her letter with words, “May this day bring me rest and peace. I have fought this urge since my early teenage years. I gave this life all the fight I had. To everyone who has entered my life. I am so grateful and I can only imagine how this may find you. I honestly thought that I was okay, but I have not been okay for a while”. I struggled so much through just this year alone. There were a few lines in her suicide note. But she wrote many things along with this. She was in deep depression which she could not handle.