Who was Cindy Gambino and what was her cause of death? Mother of three boys dead at 50


Who was Cindy Gambino and what was her cause of death? Mother of three boys dead at 50: It was sad to announce to you that Cindy Gambino, a loving mother of three children has sadly passed away. She died at her home. She was 50 years old and still had her life left. Cindy died on Tuesday, May 10, 2022. Many were sad after hearing about her sudden demise, especially her family. They got a big shock and can’t believe that their daughter has died. Her family says she was a warrior because whenever a situation has come into her life. She handled it very gratefully and very smartly. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Cindy Gambino

Who was Cindy Gambino?

Even though, her father was learned to her about how she was great in every situation. Sometimes they were even surprised at her skills and at her intelligence. But when he hears about her sudden demise they were broke wholeheartedly. She was the one who takes care of her family and sometimes call her father to get confirmation if they need any help in terms of financially or in terms of health-wise. Yes, her father was getting old and she sees his end was near.  So, she calls him and takes reports of him from time to time.

Cindy Gambino

Cindy Gambino Death Cause

As we already mentioned, she has three kids. Jai, Tyler, and Bailey. Her ex-husband Robert Farquharson deliberately drove his car off the Princes Highway into the dama where he escaped and left the children inside the vehicle. After this incident, Cindy takes the children out of the car and she successfully survived with her kids. Cops have arrested Robert and now he was in the prison. He was sentenced to life without parole in 2007 after being found guilty. After that, he was granted a retrial in 2010 but was convicted by a jury again and further sentenced to life imprisonment.

Cindy Gambino

How did Cindy Gambino die?

She lived with her husband, with three children. But when she got to know the truth about her ex-husband. She immediately left him. And decided to remarry again. Now she has a loving husband who takes care of her and she was happy with it. Also, she lives with her kids. When her passing news came out on the internet, many were sad and they are sending their heartfelt condolences to her. Some are saying, we know the pain when someone lost her life. Hopefully, wherever she goes, May his soul rest in peace.

Cindy Gambino