Who Was Francisca Choji? And What Did Happen To Her?


Francisca Choji, a rising actress, was discovered dead in a Jos hotel.

The news of Francisca Choji’s death is making the rounds on numerous news sources. However, there has been no official announcement of her death.

Who was Francisca Choji?

Francisca Choji was a promising actress who had dreamed of becoming a high-paying actress and was discovered dead in a hotel called Plateau state. People all across the internet are sending their condolences to her and her family, and they are also spreading the word about her death. In addition, thousands of online users want to know more about Francisca Choji.

Francisca Choji

What was the cause of her death?

Gabriel Ubah put a stop to rumors by confirming the death of Francisca Choji. Ubah is a spokesperson of the Plateau state police. He released a statement announcing her death. He expressed her grief over the death of a budding actress. She was found dead in the swimming pool of a private resort. The investigation team was called to the scene; however, there was no sign of foul play, as per the police.

“She was found floating in that Rayfield Resort. There were no parts removed from her. We are aware and an investigation is ongoing. We cannot ascertain if anybody killed her because there was no sign of violence,”

Several news outlets approached the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) to clarify Choji’s death. However, there is no available information concerning what the committee said about the matter. Before this horrible news, another actress, Chinedu Bernard, died in Enugu state.

She died after falling from the roof of the Chapel of St. Leo the Great Catholic Church during scrubbing it. She was admitted to the hospital. After a few days of treatment, she died due to her life-threatening injuries.

“Many questions yet to be answered. How can someone who slumped inside a church sustain bruises on the face?” he asked,” said Emeka Rollas, the AGN president, who demanded that an autopsy be conducted.
“It’s either someone killed her, or she took a suicidal substance and decided to die in the church.
“Autopsy must be conducted to ascertain the main cause of her death. Let me use this medium to address actors.”

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