Who was Jordan DeMay and what was his cause of death? High school football star dead


Who was Jordan DeMay and what was his cause of death? High school football star dead: A high school football star Jordan DeMay has been in the headlines right now after committing suicide on 25 March, Friday. Yes, you read it right that a high school football player killed himself just hours after his blackmailers threatened him to leak a n**ed picture of him as a part of a sextortion plot against him. It is really disturbing news for everyone. Since the news broke on the internet, people have been mourning the death of the football star. His family and friends are heartbroken after getting the news of his death. In this section, we are going to provide you with all information about the high school football star and his suicide case. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Jordan DeMay

Who was Jordan DeMay?

Jordan DeMay was a high school student and also a brilliant football star in his school. On 25 March 2022, Friday, he took his own life after some blackmailers threatened him to reveal one of his naked pictures in relation to an attempted sextortion scheme. DeMay allegedly paid $300 to the blackmailers when they first threatened him to send the naked photograph that he was defrauded into sending to all of his social media accounts unless he paid $300 to them instantly.

Jordan DeMay Death Cause

As per the reports of authorities, the blackmailers made a fictitious Twitter account in the name of an attractive woman and gave DeMay a n**e picture of a fictitious girl. To which he reacted by sending them a picture in which he was naked (which was later leaked), after which they started blackmailing him for his picture. In the beginning, he demanded $300 from DeMay but even after he was ready to give, they demanded more money from him and tried to extort $1000 from him. Soon after, Jordan DeMay committed suicide.

How did Jordan DeMay die?

DeMay was only 17 years old student who was studying at Marquette Senior High School at the time of his death. The investigators reported that initially, they started the investigation of the case as a teenage suicide but when a friend of DeMay came to them and told them that the blackmailers had also contacted her, they restarted the investigation of the case and analyzed the situation from another angle. Jordan also had a girlfriend, as per his Instagram account whom he was dating for a year. His funeral ceremony was held on 30 March at the Lake Superior Christian Church in Marquette in memory of Jordan DeMay. His family is still in shock and trying to overcome the sorrow. We hope that God will give strength to come out of the sorrow of their young boy’s death.