Who Was Keenan Harpole and Cause Of Death, 19-Year-Old Student Killed In Portland Homicide!


As per the resources, the victim was identified and Harpole appears in court without bail. Portland State University student Gunned person and was killed near the campus of PSU. Police identified that it was the 19 years old youngster who was destroyed by a 20-year-old fellow that was pen and now he has been arrested for hours and would appear in court on Tuesday. As per the Portland police, the family of the victim has been identified and they are requesting privacy as it’s a very turbulent time. Stay tuned to our website for more latest updates!!!!!!

Who Was Keenan Harpole?

Who Was Keenan Harpole?

The officers of the county are saying that Marle UK has died as he was the gun shooter and dead home side. As per the resources, the detective is hiring with Harpole and when he agreed he was brought into custody now he was released to the Portland police bureau. He was sent home without his bail and now it is being scheduled that the court will return on April 13 as per the Grand jury indictment. Harpal told the police that he was working for 24 hours and he was attending his classes for 4 to 8 hours.

Who Killed Keenan Harpole? Suspect & Killer Name

He was staying in Portland with his roommates at the University and earlier he used to live with his family for 5 months. The President of PSU said that it was a tragic shooting that happened on Tuesday morning and there was an artist who was a member of our society that was Mark Lucy and his death is mourned by all of us. He also mentions my heartache for his family and my deepest for Dolly’s sins and empathy and like a compass,

Keenan Harpole: Family Instagram & Age

We will work together to heal and for his truce. Central pressing officers will be reporting at 1:00 a.m. near college street and 6th Avenue to find the women who had died. Harpole pause graduated from Mountain View High School and he was also a member of the football roster he lettered in football with the cougars. He was born in Bend, OR. His father’s name was Heather Harpole, he was into fitness and Fitness. His hobbies included playing football, playing soccer, and video games