Who Was Nagaraju koppula? Hindu Man Killed In Hyderabad After Marrying Muslim Girl, Murder Video


As time is progressing, some such incidents and incidents are coming out from all over the world which directly shows to what extent the crime rate is getting higher. Because seldom a day passes without blessing the people with a heinous one, something similar is again coming from Hyderabad. Yes, you heard right, a Muslim girl who had just married to Hindu Boy was cut off in the middle of the road by the girl’s brother with a sword. The entire incident has been captured by the surveillance camera and a few people as well. Later they dropped the video on social media like Twitter while demanding justice, therefore #JusticeForNagaraju” is trending.

Nagaraju koppula hyderabad killing

As per the sources, the incident has been remaining the hot discussion among everyone since yesterday, as it caught the heat on Twitter, by fetching the immense reactions. As almost everyone is slamming the defaulter for killing an innocent one in such a manner. Therefore, heavy backlashing is being received by the entire family of the culprit, who left him in such a condition despite knowing that he was a danger to the head of the couple. Therefore, almost everyone is seeking justice for him while requesting the concerned authority for taking appropriate actions against him.

Reportedly, the entire clip is making the rapid rounds on social networking sites like a wildfire while setting an immense buzz. Therefore, as soon as the users are getting acquainted with the news their anger is coming out, as they are not able to stop themselves from expressing their rage. The proceeding is being taken ahead by the police while sending him behind the bars, and as far as the Indian Law is concerned, so maybe the culprit will get life imprisonment or sentence to death, as the reports are claiming.

In the video, everything is clearly appearing, as the brother of a girl is appearing while holding the sharp sword in his hand after killing Nagaraju, and a girl is seen taking him away from Nagaraju. But despite this, he is trying to come closer to the dead body, midst all these, as soon as the normal people got the chance they grab him from all four corners and start attacking while throwing his sword away, and later, they brought him to the nearest police station. So here we have mentioned everything and when more will come out we will update you like still, the investigation is going ahead.