Who Was Simona Cavallaro? And What Was The Cause Of His Death?


Simona Cavallaro, 20, was ripped apart to death by a pack of sheepdogs.

Simona Cavallaro enjoyed a picnic with her boyfriend in a beautiful pine forest when a group of 12 sheepdogs assaulted her. Sheepdogs ripped her body apart during the attack, and she died on the spot from blood loss.

Police arrested their owner from a nearby bar. He left his sheepdogs alone in a picnic spot n the southern Italian region of Calabria on August 26 last year, which caused the death of a young lady.

Twelve or thirteen sheepdogs guarded the flock while grazing near a pine grove in Montefiorino, not far from Satriano. On the other hand, Simona Cavallaro was walking in the region with a friend, looking for a picnic place to meet friends the following weekend.

They came across the sheep, and while the dogs were initially amicable — Simona, 20, reportedly recorded a video of herself caressing them – later, she was attacked by the dogs.
Simona’s friend was fortunate enough to find escape in a neighbouring chapel. However, she was not able to escape.

According to sources, Simona was “torn apart viciously,” and her body was discovered with cuts and bruises to her lower limbs, head, and pelvis.
As a result, she bled to death.
Rossomanno, 45, the dog owner, was arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter for allowing his animals to roam into an authorized picnic area.
According to Corriere De La Calabria, the shepherd was in a bar when the fatal attack occurred. 

Rossomanno allegedly let his dogs watch over his flock without supervision, according to prosecutors. Then, after the dogs became hostile toward the young woman, he neglected to supervise their behaviour and failed to call them back.
His actions, according to the prosecution, were sloppy. He demonstrated a blatant disregard for the basic procedures to keep livestock in check.
The criminal case is still in its early stages, but a formal investigation is scheduled to begin soon.
Manslaughter in Italy involves punishment of six months to five years in jail, with the possibility of a longer sentence if aggravating circumstances exist.
Rossomanno is currently under home arrest, with a judge stating that he poses a “very real risk” of committing the crime again.

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