Who Was Simona Cavallaro & Cause Of Death? 20 Years Old Student Attacked & Killed By Dogs, Family & More!


Recently a very horrible and disturbing video is trending over various social networking sites. Where Simona Cavallaro a student can be seen, she is attacked horribly by a pack of sheepdogs. She was 20 years and was enjoying her picnic with her boyfriend. Then suddenly she was assaulted by several dogs without a warning. The Shepherd was also present and he is Italian. She is a 20-year-old female who lives in Italy. Stay tuned to our website for more latest updates!!!!!!

Who Was Simona Cavallaro?

Who Was Simona Cavallaro?

The couple was enjoying their weekend but suddenly 12 dogs from the town of Satriano came and ruined everything for them. She was viciously attacked by all of them at the same time and she has ripped apart. She was bleeding heavily and died of hemorrhagic shock. The post mortem report revealed that she suffered multiple life-threatening injuries and wounds. Multiple names of world lacerated and forehead was also in really bad condition.

Simona CavaCavallaro’sth Reason

We would like to see that our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends and may her soul rest in peace. She was an innocent girl who was studying and enjoying life. She also had a gentle and humble boyfriend. The emergency services quickly responded and she was taken to the nearest medical facility but unfortunately, her life could not be saved. Several witnesses have also described the incident and all of them were horrified.

Simona Cavallaro: Family Age & Biography

HEr profile is available on Facebook where she can be seen happy in multiple photographs and she like swimming. The dogs were aggressive and displayed No Mercy. There have been no official comments by the family of the young female but they are mourning the loss of a young child. Her father has explained the sorrow and grief by saying that she was a very beautiful child and had a lot of Dreams in her eyes. She had a charismatic personality and always wanted to help others.