Why And How Was Dr. Kizza Besigye Arrested?


Dr. Kizza Besigye disagreed with complaints against the wing’s take-off commodity prices and opposed the presidential succession plan. Riot police stopped Dr. Kizza Besigye at the station’s location, which is nearly around his home on the roads of Kasanagti, which is the Wakiso community in Kampala. After the moment when Dr. Kizza Besigye addressed the journalist about his new operations, Dr. Kizza Besigye narrated it as a wake-up call for all the natives. 

What Kampala Police informed you about?

The strongman who belongs to the home of Uganda’s opposition Dr. Kizza Besigye has been in the process of blockading since Thursday morning. The police looked for a counter to his attempt to stage an objection over the take-off of his cost of living. The four-time challenger of the constitutional name is Yoweri Museveni, who has been in power since 1986. Yoweri Museveni reported that Dr. Kizza Besigye would take to the avenue to protest the inactivity of the administration on the prices of the high commodity.

Dr. Kizza Besigye

Dr. Kizza Besigye informed that he has his new drive aims that may help in arousing the nation of Uganda. In the morning, the Veteran conflict leader started out for Kampala from his Kasangati home, which belongs to the district of Wakiso, with the help of notice lettering that is “we cannot respire, decrease the value of living and do transformation now, not progression.” At the time, Dr. Kizza Besigye’s house was surrounded by police for a long time. 

Why was Dr. Kizza Besigye arrested?

Dr. Kizza Besigye planned an affirmation in Kampala over the increase of commodity rates they decided to involve in it. This statement was informed by a spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigire, who belongs to the Kampala Metropolitan Police department. 

The police added the force of security police until they felt that Dr. Kizza Besigye was no more trouble for them. Police have taken a person to prison in the case of hitting a patrol car in the locality and probably prosecuted for breaking the traffic rules and regulations in the case of driving carelessly on the road. 

So Dr. Kizza Besigye was obstructed from trying to walk from his house to the town named Kasangati, which is located about 12 km away from Kampala. It is also informed that Dr. Kizza Besigye was sprinkled with pepper to make him blind and slapped by police officers.

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