Why Was Darts Player Ted Hankey Arrested, Leaked Video Went Viral On Social Media, Twitter & Reddit!


As per a recent report, a video is getting viral on the social media platform and it is related to Ted Hankey. Now everyone is getting curious to no more about him and the video which is getting viral on social media platform. Ted video is related to assault video and now for everyone it has become a hot topic . He is a very well known professional dark player and he has won the World Championship title he is a very successful person and he has achieved everything in his life. After all when the video got viral and leaked on the social media platform everyone is searching about him so he has many followers on the social media platform and he was arrested by the police and it is so shocking and tragic that he has been undertaken by the police in the case of assaulting a women sexually. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Ted Hankey Leaked Video

Who Is Ted Hankey?

After this his fans are in great anger and he has become very famous all over the internet and everybody is talking about him. As we told you that dead was undertaken by the police for investigation of the case relating to the assaulting woman sexually. Court has announce that he will be going to the present for 2 years and this is a very shameful things for him that he has done to the woman. Assaulting a woman is just equal to any criminal activity and it is also the criminal force that has been out rating for her modesty it also states that the salt must be on that woman and it is also said that it must have a criminal force to intending her modesty.

Why Was Darts Player Ted Hankey Arrested?

The punishment to this case could be for at least 1 year which also can extend up to 5 years it only occurs without they explicit consent of the victim it is a very unwanted touching and force in a victim to perform sexual. Everyone is affected by sexual assult. And the case related to this are increasing day by day. Intense to force the another person without any lawful justification.

Ted Hankey Leaked Video

Every 1 women is a victim or an attempted rape in her lifetime. Fondling aur unwanted touching and forcing a victim so that she perform sexual acts, it very sad to hear that successful person are going to prison for attempting such things, everyone is shocked and especially his fans who used to follow him for a long time are ingreat anger and are very disturbed after seeing this video.