Why Was Dauda Afolabi Arrested? Nigerian Man Arrested Reason, All Charges & Allegations!


As per the recent reports, our, you shocking news is coming up where a man whose name is Dauda Afolabi, and it is being said that he is arrested by the police when he was selling the mixture of orders and basically it is cement and plaster of Paris of medicine which is herbal. That’s how he was making the people fool and playing with their trust. Now this video is getting viral on the social media platform and now it is seen by the city and crime and they said to band the markets and the products which are openly selling by him. Stay tuned with us to know further details about this whole crime and follow up for more updates. When the police investigated he told them about the whole thing. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Why Was Dauda Afolabi Arrested?

Why Was Dauda Afolabi Arrested?

He said that he used to put a little number of Orders which contain cement and powder and which are being used to make pop and that he used to contact in a small polythene bag and then he used to mix up with water and then he used to sell them as herbal medicine for curing malaria and another disease. He used to supply these herbal medicines in many Markets and then there was no fixed price for selling these medicine and he knew that it was very harmful to the customer who is going to purchase these medicine. After looking at this whole incident people are scared and frightened to take any of the medicine and they have a fear.

Dauda Afolabi: Wikipedai & Biography

Talking about the people who have already taken these mixtures and what happened to them and damages they are facing with their health. However, selling is a people-oriented business that required a customer focus sales approach. Now people will hesitate to trust any sailor and the importance of building trust and sales ethics is higher than ever before building and maintaining trace across the full life span of a customer relationship takes courage and attention. We should remember the customer’s emotions and now it is like a relationship building in sales.

Dauda Afolabi: All Charges & Allegations

It is very difficult to rebuild the trust again. After taking fake medicines you are going to kill or harm yourself without knowing and the wrong the taking of the medicine will not cure any infection and does not contribute to the antibiotic resistance but on the other hand, you will suffer from other problems. They went destroy normal cells and there may be chances of getting cancer and your hormones will react differently or there is a change in the work of your body or the cells