Why Was Kevin James McLean Arrested? Dripping Springs Teacher Arrested Reason, All Charges & Allegations!


Good evening everyone we have some really breaking stories from all over the world and one of them is a coming straight from Dripping springs middle school. As a teacher was accused of posting and circulating appropriate photographs of a student on social networking sites and he was also providing them with nicotine. Kevin James McLean, the 30 years old teacher has some serious acquisitions imposed on him and he was a track coach at the campus world since September 2020. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Why Was Kevin James McLean Arrested?

Why Was Kevin James McLean Arrested?

and had more than 5 years of experience. The local authorities are now revealing some really shocking facts regarding this case and they started an investigation and lodged a complaint against the teacher. It all happened on April 27 and the Austin state police department was immediately informed of his incident by the school authorities. Some really humiliating and embarrassing photographs of a student were released on Snapchat social media. A total of seven warrants have been released on Friday.

Kevin James McLean Arrested Reason

And there are several crimes like the display of harmful material to a teenager and mis behaviour and substance abuse and felony cases as well. Key has been expelled from the school and he won’t be returning back to the school premises and strict actions will be taken against him if he – to do so. Multiple eyewitnesses and friends of the victim are now working together. We don’t have any information regarding the identity of the student and he likes to be anonymous.

Kevin James McLean: All Charges & Allegations!

It will be really harmful for his reputation if his name and address is a revealed. There has been no official comments by the family of the victim. You also provide students with various illegal substances and it is a really shameful thing to do so for a teacher as a teacher is are really important part of the society and the lead and guide the students to a bright future but this individual was destroying the lives of his followers. His resignation was accepted. We will be back with some more updates regarding this case.